A reflection of the english countryside, the range is made from locally sourced orchard fruits and berries, cooked without boiling for clear, distinct flavours and bright, beautiful colours.


Cooked onions are one of the most delicious things you can ever eat and they are the corner stone of almost everything we eat, delicious and adaptable, try it with a liver parfait or even with your curry.

Kai's favourite, it being such a strong part of his Norwegian heritage. Through his dedication to Raspberries, he has worked diligently to produce the ultimate pot. Experimenting with different varieties and sugar content. Watch this space, the quest will never be over!


We make our marmalade with 100% Seville oranges that give a huge amount of flavour intensity. Bitter, chunky pieces in a soft sweet/sour jelly. Spread onto warm wholemeal toast along side a good cup of tea is the homeliest breakfast available.


This is definitely one for the grown ups. The almost savory flavour of the gooseberries are balanced by the heady aromatics of the elderflower. A very English combination that leads one to plan afternoon teas, just for the occasion of eating it.

Damsons evoke the English countryside perhaps more than any other fruit as they bejewel our hedgerows in late summer and early autumn. In Sky's opinion sucking the jam off the stones as you serve yourself only adds to the enjoyable experience of the eating.


Wonderfully deep, well rounded, aromatic flavours with a hint of almond. These cherries are sourced from a historic orchard in Essex. This jam can be baked into stunning Bakewell Tarts or stirred into your morning yoghurt.


Blackberry make a jam of subtle delicacy. The romance of the wild uncultivated plants that grow up and down the country and are harvested by the nation on many an afternoon stroll.

Blackberry jam has proved to be the perfect companion to peanut butter in a sandwich.


Crunchy fresh vegetables in a piquant mustard sauce . A marriage made in heaven to accompany a pork pie .  The use of English cider vinegar from Aspalls give our Piccalilli a sharp clarity that is unusual.

With our Blackcurrant Blighty jam we really wanted to embrace and emphasise the sour character of the blackcurrants. aA delicious, sweet, sour jam that makes you salivate for more.

It is a wonderful addition to a rich buttery croissant.


Well balanced and fruity, with a hint of ginger. Sourdough artisans, Poilane, pare it with Fois Gras, but equally perfect with a cheese sandwich. Our neighbours, The Kernel Brewery supply us with the ale for this excellent chutney.


The inspiration for this jam was taken from Kai’s favourite childhood sweet, the rhubarb and custard bonbon, and we have had many customers telling us that it takes them straight back to their own childhood. Spooned onto really good Crème Fraiche


Sky grew up in Strawberry Lane in Tiptree, and in June when the Wilkins factory were making strawberry jam for the year, the whole village smelled of it. Strawberry Days  is bright and beautiful and full of the heady aromas of a summers day. It deserves a homemade scone .

For fifteen years, We've been materfully making fruit cheeses. Made in the same way that fruit cheeses have been made for hundreds of years, wholely English Fruits, slowly dehydrated, and reduced to an impeccable set. 


The given term, fruit cheese, is indicative to it's figure and consistency. We make two varieteies of fruit cheese; A Quince cheese, fragrent and flavourful, made with whole English Quinces. 

Our Damson Cheese, tarte and dense, made with English grown Damsons. 

Both cheeses make for exqusite accompaniments for cheese.


Intrigued by English Crab Apple varietals, we're intent, to add a third superb fruit cheese to our range.


Neal's Yard Dairy, for fifteen years, our leading fruit cheese wholesaler. Mon's Cheese, London Cheesemongers and La Fromagerie, also stockists of our cheeses.